How to Avoid SPAM Filtering and Email Validation?

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Email Validation is a process which checks to make sure that an email address is legitimate and deliverable. It runs a quick check that catches invalid or accidental typos, if they're deliberate, and not just accidental misdirections. It even verifies whether a given email address already exists with an established online domain like Gmail or Yahoo. This not only helps greatly in cleaning and organizing your address list but also helps in defending your email sender profile, maximizing your email delivery efficiency, and saving on money. Below are some ways on how you can validate an email address without too much effort.

Email Validation Service: Most webmail services including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, BlackPlanet, Facebook, and others offers some sort of email validation service. Some are free and some are not. The free ones range from being very limited, often no more than detecting basic errors, to only catching typos. For better accuracy and faster results, you can invest in paid services that offer more extensive features as well as stricter standards to catch bad email addresses. However, be careful because there are a lot of scammers and spammers posing online as validation services who have set out to simply fool people. To validate your email, always keep in mind to only use reputable and trustworthy companies. For a deeper understanding on the topic, view here for more details.

Spam Traps: Spam traps can easily get you disqualified from a valid email verification. One common method is for spammers to request for a submission in a contest or survey. When you click "submit" after submitting the email address, it is forwarded to thousands of other spammers waiting to receive your feedback. This is a sure way to get your email account disqualified for spamming and other spam violations. Always remember that legitimate companies will never ask you for money upfront to verify your email address.

Pepipost Validates Email Lists: A lot of webmail services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and others provide the service of allowing you to create a free email list that you can use to validate email addresses. The service does not make you a distributor of advertising like most of the others do. What it does instead, is allow you to build a targeted list of subscribers to whom you may send relevant promotional offers. Unlike other services, Pepipost goes beyond checking if the email address belongs to you. It also checks if it is a valid subscriber to a legitimate email list.

Avoiding Negative Email Validation. Although it may not seem like it, a good email marketing service should also be able to minimize your exposure to potential SPAM risks. As we all know, spam is not just a spam problem. It has serious negative effects such as slowing down the normal operation of email marketing by killing off the natural relationships between email marketers and their subscribers, damaging the image of the sender and his or her company, and so on.

It's important that you trust the experts at An expert is a reliable e-mail service provider with years of industry experience and a strong reputation. Its primary goal is to help you protect yourself from SPAM and other dangers by allowing you to achieve high deliverability and a high level of performance. Find out more about the experts and what they can offer. In connection to this topic, here are some email hacking prevention measures that you should know.